The Wales and West Show Centre near Chepstow in Monmouthshire is probably the busiest equestrian showground in the country. So says David Broome CBE, the retired show jumping champion. A record six-times winner of the King George V Gold Cup and Olympic Games medallist in Rome and Mexico, David has been running the centre, with his family, for forty-five years. Featuring the disciplines of show jumping, dressage, mounted games and showing, a new show starts every week through the year to mid-October. Which means the lorry park fills with horse transport and the horses stand alongside waiting their place in the events of the day. Clearing up afterwards becomes a major challenge and to deal with the horse droppings, leftover feed and general debris the centre has recently taken delivery of a Wessex STX PTO driven paddock cleaner.

Available in 1.2m and 1.8m working widths for tractors of 18hp and 25hp with Power Take Off, the STX paddock cleaner provides a quick solution in the weekly clean-up prior to setting up the next show. Semi-mounted to the tractor linkage, the strong and simple mechanics of the machine operate the bristles and spring tines to rapidly sweep the lorry park and used on grass paddocks there is the additional benefit of the bristles grooming the grass. A powerful hydraulic ram tips debris from the collection hopper at a height of 1.5m onto a low trailer or muck heap and the steel tines, in front of the brush rotor, rake through stubborn muck to aid collection.

“We’re delighted with it,” says David, “it’s so important to keep the centre totally cleaned, presentable and ready for the next show each week, it’s what the competitors expect as well as maintaining a healthy environment. Our young lady who operates the Wessex finds it so much better than anything we’ve had before and she finds it so easy to just pull the lever and it tips. The lorry park is cleaner than ever. We’re over the moon with it.”

The STX paddock cleaner was supplied by Newport dealer, Ted Hopkins, and Wessex suggests the best way to see the benefits of the machine is to ask for a demonstration.