The BFR-180, utilise two machines for one operation. Designed and manufactured in our Hampshire UK factory, the Wessex BFR-180 (patent pending) is a modular feeding and bedding system that can be a configured as a bale feeder (mode 1), a bale feeder with an extension chute (mode 3), or a straw spreaders and bale feeder combination (mode 2). The BFR-180 only requires one tractor or telehandler to operate, and the maintenance is very low with only four grease points and no electrics!

MODE 1 – BFR-180 ROUND BALE FEEDER As a bale feeder, it can feed round bales of hay, haylage, straw and silage from either side with ease. Featuring massive 5.5ton rated chains with zinc-plated crossbars and a high spec Danfoss hydraulic motor, the BFR-180 is a very reliable, seriously durable bale feeder that is simple to use and very easy to maintain. REQUIRES ONE DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC SPOOL

MODE 2 – BFR-180 ROUND BALE FEEDER & CROSSFIRE STRAW SPREADERS With the innovative Crossfire straw spreader attached, bedding and feeding tasks can be undertaken with the same machine, bed from one side and feed off the other. The Wessex Crossfire straw spreader is unlike conventional straw choppers, as it spreads the straw in its baled length, with minimal dust and projectiles, and up to ten metres. Straw choppers are renowned for creating excessive dust, which in an enclosed environment can be a serious threat to the health of the stock. Chopping bedding straw also reduces its effective life span within the bedding area. REQUIRES ONE DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC SPOOL

MODE 3 – SIDEWINDER EXTENSION CHUTE The Wessex Sidewinder is an extension conveyor that attaches to the BFR-180 for high level feeding into a trough or manger. The Sidewinder extends to the left leaving the right free to feed or alternatively bed with the Crossfire straw spreader attached. • REQUIRES TWO DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC SPOOLS, OR ONE DOUBLE ACTING WITH DIVERTER VALVE FEED INTO A TROUGH OR MANGER AND BED STRAW WITH THE SAME MACHINE. • REQUIRES TWO DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC SPOOLS, OR ONE DOUBLE ACTING WITH DIVERTER VALVE

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