As seen at BTME this year, the Wessex ProLine CRX MultiCut mower has won What Kit? tractor mounted mower of the year award. Here’s what they said:

The CRX MultiCut concept offers a roller mower with full-width rollers front and rear, a finishing mower with four fully castoring wheels or a combination of the two – all in one machine. It can be frontor rear-mounted, with sideor rear-discharge, and has the option of a mulching mode. As a roller mower the CRX offers similar characteristics to the Wessex RMX roller mowers, but in a scaled-down version suitable for tractors from 20hp upwards, and the high blade tip speed provides a fine finish. Where a high degree of manoeuvrability is required, the castoring wheels get the mower into awkward areas when the CRX is front-mounted to a compact tractor. The rear roller produces a striped effect. Side or rear-discharge is achieved by altering the baffles beneath the deck and the side-discharge option allows operation in conjunction with a side-collection hose. Height adjustment is simple. The CRX is available in 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 4.1m widths with the options of frontor rear-mounting and sideor rear-discharge. Overlapping rotors give 100 per cent blade coverage and Tornado Vents are fitted as standard, creating superior airflow in all modes of operation.


“The quality of cut is high. I am surprised how evenly the clippings are distributed across the mowing width. Combined with the high blade-tip speed, it results in a well manicured appearance and a very professional finish.” “The concept is ideal for contractors, local authorities, turf professionals and amenity managers who need versatility and have to regularly cut large areas of grass, perhaps for differing functions, to a high standard.” “There are one or two places where I would have preferred to see thicker material used but these are early days in what is a new concept and there is no denying the quality of cut.” “It’s a versatile package and nicely priced. But I am most impressed with the finish and the stripping is the icing on the cake for me.”