Wessex International’s BFR-180 modular feeding and bedding machine took the coveted award at the LAMMA show for ‘Best new product or innovation in livestock production equipment’.  The 100% British product is built in the Wessex factory in Hampshire and is effectively two machines in one. You can save as much as 20% on feed bills, feeding round bales, and spread without chopping and with minimal dust.

“The BFR-180 attracted a great deal of attention at the show,” says Jake Browning, Area Sales Manager at Wessex, “and it has also proved to be a winner in terms of the number of demonstrations and sales throughout last year and since its launch. We are exceptionally pleased to have won the award and the first day at the LAMMA show was the best we’ve had to date for leads and sales. It was sad the second day was cancelled, but we are very much looking forward to exhibiting next year at the NEC.”

As a bale feeder, the BFR-180 can feed round bales of hay, haylage, straw and silage from either side and only requires one tractor or telehandler to operate. Maintenance is low with only four grease points and no electrics.  Fit the Crossfire straw spreader attachment and bedding and feeding can be undertaken with the same machine, bed from one side and feed off the other.  What’s more, unlike conventional straw choppers it spreads the straw in its baled length with minimal dust and projectiles and up to ten metres, which is good for the health of the stock and increases the effective life span of the bedding area.  Should you want high level feeding into a trough or manger you simply attach the Wessex Sidewinder to the BFR-180 and you’re able to extend to the left while leaving the right free to feed or bed with the Crossfire.

The unique combination system of the Wessex BFR-180 really is something that needs to be seen in operation and Wessex are booking demonstrations now, so it’s a good time to see the LAMMA show winner at work.